Derms Love Daily

The reviews are in and it’s unanimous—the experts are stoked on our new Daily moisturizing sunscreen.

Sun Bum x Slowtide Hair Towel

Meet the hair towel! Soft, absorbent, eco-friendly microfiber that battles frizz and breakage. Plus, it's a pro at drying hair and getting us ready post-surf or shower.

Here’s to More Good Hair Days

Some of hair care's biggest questions answered by a pro.


There's a Better Way to Air Dry Your Hair

We think that Air Dry Cream might just be the most underrated hair care product around.

Exfoliating is a Skin Care Game Changer

Regularly exfoliating might be the best thing you do for your skin this year, or ever. Our esthetician Dana tells us all we need to know about getting brighter, happier skin.

Beat The Heat

Hair styling? Usually a messy bun or a braid and we call it a day. But every now and then, we're in the mood for a hair glow-up.

How to Use Our Hair Lightener Spray

We’re here to shed some light on one of the most loved (and most misunderstood) hair care products we have here at Sun Bum.

Our Survival Tips for Winter Skin

Adjusting your skin care routine in chilly winter months can really make a difference for your face.

Get Your Head in the Game

Just like exfoliating skin, scalp care is vital for healthy hair. Our minds were blown.

Crew Favorites

We asked a few people around the office what their favorite Skin Care product is and convinced them to get in front of a camera and tell us why.

Wait, What's a Serum?

Serums: familiar to some, new to others. These gems are a skincare must-have, and trust us, they're here to stay in our daily routines—forever.

4 Reasons our Skin Loves Sleep

Our esthetician Dana goes into the hype behind sleep and why getting enough of it is so important for the health (and happiness) of our skin.

Free the Radicals

Most of us never thought we’d have to use the words “atom” and “electron” in a sentence again, but here we are.

Our Skin Care Moisturizers: Mineral vs. Non-Mineral

Curious about our two sunscreen moisturizers? Dana Murray, our awesome esthetician, breaks down which one suits your skin best!

The Good Stuff

To us, taking care of your skin means using products that leave out the harsh stuff you don't want (like parabens and sulfates) and include as much of “the good stuff” as possible.

5 Tips for a Better Cleanse

Remembering to wash your face seems like a no-brainer, right?