Sun Bum x Slowtide Hair Towel

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Don’t let your hair dry alone.

Our limited-edition Hair Towel was created in partnership with our friends (and towel connoisseurs) at Slowtide. Made with a super soft, absorbent and sustainably sourced microfiber, this hair towel is not only an anti-frizz an anti-breakage champ, but also happens to be an excellent multi-tasker when it comes to drying our hair/getting ready, post-surf or shower.

Girl washing hair in outdoor shower

What are the benefits of using a hair towel?

As it turns out, how we choose to dry our hair (even if we skip the blow dryer) can majorly affect its overall well-being. It’s also come to our attention that “hygral fatigue” (damage that leads to dull, sad-looking hair) is very much a thing we wanna avoid. Using a regular bath towel to soak up all that extra water after we shower is not only clunky, but it also roughens up our hair cuticles, which leads to overall bad vibes.

So, we’re opting for a drying method for our hair that helps keep things looking smooth, healthy, and gets us back to doing our thing (asap). 

How do I use a hair towel?

Using Hair Towel is really simple, which we love. It’s also great for traveling and on-the-go and makes getting ready everyday a whole lot easier. Just wrap it and carry on with the rest of your routine.

Here’s a play by play for how we use it, along with a few of our go-to hair products.

Girl wrapping hair in hair towel

The Play By Play

1) After showering (and washing and conditioning your hair), squeeze out any excess water.
2) Flip hair down and wrap towel over the back of your head with the button at the nape of your neck.
3) Twist towel and fasten the towel loop around the button.
4) Keep Hair Towel on while you get ready for the day and remove when hair is slightly damp.
5) Remove towel and apply your favorite hair products.
6) That’s a wrap.

Hair Towel Works Great With

Collage of Sun Bum hair products

Shampoo & Conditioner  |  3 in 1 Leave-in Conditioner  |  Air Dry Cream

For curly hair use: Curls Detangler  |  For some extra swagger use: Styling Cream

Why Slowtide Towels?

Slowtide strives to use the most sustainable materials in everything they make. By investing in new fabric innovations, they ensure intentionality around reducing their impact on the planet.

Made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste (primarily plastic bottles), this Hair Towel was built with performance and durability in mind. We also love that they are passionate about collaborating with brands, artists, and photographers to create unique designs that exemplify the things they love, all while maintaining premium sustainable quality.

In a nutshell, it was a no brainer for us to partner with Slowtide to create this thing.

Hope you enjoy.

Girl smiling wearing hair towel