Understanding UVA vs. UVB Rays

In this guide, we’ll learn more about we'll learn more about the invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun known as ultraviolet (UV) light. In particular, we’ll break down the differences between two types of UV rays that affect human skin: UVA versus UVB rays.

What Is SPF and What Does It Stand For?

You’re about to make your next sunscreen purchase and are scanning through a selection of bottles ranging from SPF 30 to SPF 70. What exactly is SPF and how should it inform your decision-making? This guide should provide all you need to know about the SPF rating system, better known as “Sun Protection Factor.”

Does Sunscreen Expire? Expired Sunscreen Explained

It’s an age-old question every time summer comes around as you’re pulling your beach gear out of storage: “Does sunscreen expire?” The answer, in short, is yes. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about that half-empty bottle of SPF 50 buried in the bottom your tote bag and whether to toss it or lather up.

Derms Love Daily

The reviews are in and it’s unanimous—the experts are stoked on our new Daily moisturizing sunscreen.

Aurora Australis: A Portrait of Julian Wilson

Sure, he was once crowned Pipe-Master. But today surfer Julian Wilson has an even more important title—Dad.

This is Rasmus

We caught up with long-time Sun Bum Ambassador, Rasmus King, at his home in rural Byron Bay. The picturesque cottage was stuffed with incredible records, classic surfboards, instruments, and vintage cars which all seem to have a special place in his life.

Step Inside Sonny’s Daydream

We consulted our resident big guy (Sonny) because he's the expert at creating out-of-the-box, art-minded experience for kids, by kids.

This is Isabella Nichols

Hanging out with Danish-Aussie surfer and Sun Bum Ambassador, Isabella Nichols, spilled her secret sauce for staying stoked during high-level competitions.

Sun Bum x Slowtide Hair Towel

Meet the hair towel! Soft, absorbent, eco-friendly microfiber that battles frizz and breakage. Plus, it's a pro at drying hair and getting us ready post-surf or shower.

Kids Rule® Art Contest Winners

Our first-ever Kids Art Contest has wrapped, and it was nothing short of epic. Thank you to everyone who entered! After judging hundreds of entries, we landed on these 5 as the winners.

Sunscreen Is For Everyone

Sunscreen talk? We're all ears! Dr. Laura Scott, our skin expert, is here to drive home the point. SPF in daily life? A must for everyone (yes, even you!).

This Is Shama (The Superman)

Ambassador Shama Beckford lives like he surfs— with a style that’s completely his own.

How to do a Self-Skin Check

We get it, checking your skin can seem like a hassle, but trust us, it's worth it. Our pal and Dermatologist Dr. Lindsey is back with simple ways to DIY your own skin check at home.

This Is Icah Wilmot

Surfer, soap opera star, and prolific musician— ambassador Icah Wilmot stands in a category of his own.

Here’s to More Good Hair Days

Some of hair care's biggest questions answered by a pro.


There's a Better Way to Air Dry Your Hair

We think that Air Dry Cream might just be the most underrated hair care product around.