Purple Hair Care FAQ

We chatted with our Sun Bum Hairstylist Ambassador and all-around awesome human, Laura Polko, to help give us the lowdown on all the Purple hype. 

Project Purple: Behind The Scenes

Hey, we wanna show ya something cool. By now you know that we’re all about yellow, but just this once, we made an exception.

Dare Santa

We challenged you to submit the best, most outrageous dares you could possibly think of and you definitely came through—but MAN were you ruthless.

Holiday Gift Guide

This year has been…complicated—but finding just the right gifts for some of our fav people doesn’t have to be. We rounded up our go-to items for a Holiday Gift Guide that covers pretty much everyone on your list.

Our Thanksgiving Day Parade

We heard a rumor that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might be cancelled this year. So, we decided it would be kinda cool to put on our very own holiday production here at the office.

Meet Textured Waves

We were beyond stoked to get the chance to catch up with the amazing women of Textured Waves the other day. It was an honor to learn more about their roots, both as friends and as leaders within the ocean community, and to hear about some of the things keeping them inspired both in and out of the water. 

DIY: Surfboard Bag

When it comes to protecting our surfboards, we don’t mess around. Even though we do our best to prevent dings and UV sun damage (which causes that nasty yellowing), a good surfboard bag can help make things a whole lot easier on us (and on our boards). 

How to Tame Quarantine Hair: 101

Can we be real for a second? Our hair has been struggling through these quarantine days - from frizz to split ends, we could use some serious help and are missing our hairdressers a little extra. 

The Sun Bum Crew: Meet Eryn Krouse

Meet our girl, who we seem to always be living vicariously through, Eryn Krouse

Support Your Local Surf Shop

We know it’s going to take a little extra love from our community to really get these shops up and runnin’ again—and we want to do what we can to help.

Sun Bum Printable Coloring Pages

Sonny and the ambassador crew are here. Time to break out the crayons.

Day Tripper Australia

Day Tripper is our #TrustTheBum travel series. For us, it doesn’t matter if it’s flying to Oz or just leaving the office for lunch, we try ‘n remember to get out and live a little more. So, if that means sleeping on the floor of a cheap Airbnb to afford the plane ticket, or hitting up every donut shop in Encinitas on a quest for the best white sprinkle cake donut, we’re in.

Carissa Moore Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary and latest addition to the family, we’re coming out with a limited-edition collectible vinyl of 4-time world champion Carissa Moore.

DIY: Hair Accessories

Took some time away to get crafty with the girls in the office last week & upcycled some of our favorite hair must haves. 

Sun Bum Hair Care

Introducing three new hair care products to protect and nourish those sun drenched locks of yours.

From Trash To Treasure

Our Encinitas concept shop is pretty much a museum of "one of a kind" Sun Bum items.