Respect Your Mother (Earth)

When we first decided to create our skin care line it was super important to us to make products that we knew would not only be good for us, but would also be as kind as possible on our planet.

Summer Skin Essentials

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few hot tips for giving our skin the extra love it needs to stay stoked during our fav time of year.

Say Hello to Andy Davis

Working with Andy to bring Sun Bum Skin Care to life has been an incredible experience and a total dream come true for us. We caught up with him in his in-house studio at our HQ in Encinitas to hear a bit more about him and the story behind his designs.

Less Is More

Here’s what we know; we love the beach, we love the sun, and we try to take extra good care of our skin. Those are some of our simple truths. And we like keepin’ things simple.

Skin Care 101

Besides being an all-around good human, Dana is a licensed esthetician (aka skin expert), professional beauty blogger, and self-proclaimed “science nerd” who lives and breathes all things skin care.

A Song For Summer

So, if you’re lookin’ for a one hit wonder to use as your summer soundtrack, download or stream our Sun Shanty on Spotify or Apple Music.

The Dad Hat X Summer McKeen

We were stoked to collab with Summer McKeen on The Dad Hat—made to keep our face in the shade and our hair in check, whether we’re cruising around town or hanging out after sunset with our crew.

Mineral vs Non-Mineral Sunscreen

We all love sunshine. It gives us Vitamin D, helps boost our mood, and strengthens our immunity. But we also want to make sure that we’re doing our best to protect ourselves and the people we love from the harmful effects of damaging UV rays.

Meet Daniella Perkins

Since Daniella helped us make this Limited Edition T-Shirt Hair Towel, we figured it was only right to have her be the first to take it for a spin around the block, literally.

Our T-Shirt Hair Towel X Daniella Perkins

We’re so stoked to share our little hair care secret with you.

Check out our fav oversize tee...that we also use to dry our hair.

Purple Hair Care FAQ

We chatted with our Sun Bum Hairstylist Ambassador and all-around awesome human, Laura Polko, to help give us the lowdown on all the Purple hype. 

Project Purple: Behind The Scenes

Hey, we wanna show ya something cool. By now you know that we’re all about yellow, but just this once, we made an exception.

Dare Santa

We challenged you to submit the best, most outrageous dares you could possibly think of and you definitely came through—but MAN were you ruthless.

Holiday Gift Guide

This year has been…complicated—but finding just the right gifts for some of our fav people doesn’t have to be. We rounded up our go-to items for a Holiday Gift Guide that covers pretty much everyone on your list.

Our Thanksgiving Day Parade

We heard a rumor that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might be cancelled this year. So, we decided it would be kinda cool to put on our very own holiday production here at the office.

Meet Textured Waves

We were beyond stoked to get the chance to catch up with the amazing women of Textured Waves the other day. It was an honor to learn more about their roots, both as friends and as leaders within the ocean community, and to hear about some of the things keeping them inspired both in and out of the water.