Limited Edition Vinyl Series

Since the beginning, our company has been just a reflection of our lifestyle. You know, what we’re into…

CocoBalm, The World’s Greatest Lip Balm (To Us)

Based On A True Company Disclaimer: These videos were made by people (us) who don’t know the first thing about making ads.


We’re tryna be a little better at how much plastic we use, so we decided to dye some old Sun Bum canvas bags during work.


Makin’ things quick & easy for ya 5 steps + 8 materials

Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Texas Made: The Five Hour Surf Trip with Barron Mamiya & STAB

The Bear Champ Vs. Sonny

What?!! A “Bear Champ Vs. Sonny” piece went up in Chicago?

6th Annual Show Us Your Bum Photo and Video Contest

Check out the big money winners and all the pictures that made us really happy this summer. #showusyourbum

Thanks Hawaii

We applaud and fully support the Hawaiian legislature’s recent approval of Bill 2571, which will ban the marketing and sale of sunscreens that contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, beginning January 1, 2021.

Making The Most Of A Layover

Noa, one of our SB Team Riders, hit us up sayin’ he had an 8 hr layover before he headed to Tahiti.

Road To Nowhere

When someone in the office asks us to go on a road trip we don’t ask questions, we get in the van.

Facing the worlds DEADLIEST wave

Early this year, during the Volcom Pipe Pro, two of our Sun Bum ambassadors (Zak Noyle & Amber Mozo)  took on the world’s deadliest wave.

Miami Swim Week

Back in the office now and reminiscing about Swim Week down in Miami. OMG we could not have had a more perfect weekend.

Welcome To The Crew Barron Mamiya

We’re super pumped to welcome the young Hawaiian phenom Barron Mamiya to the Sun Bum family.

Sun Bum x MasterCraft Sonny Session

In Florida it’s not too often to catch a full day of fun waves with no one out (in fact it’s officially impossible).

Win The Ultimate Superbrand x Sun Bum Summer Setup!

Win The Ultimate Superbrand x Sun Bum Summer Setup! We teamed up with Superbrand to hook you up with the most killer Summer setup.