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This is how we travel

Any chance we get to travel the world with our friends, we take it. Whether we're heading up the coast to check out the other side of town or flying overseas to visit a fabled surf break and feasting on some local grub, we’re always keen on a little adventure.

Day Tripper: France

We rallied the crew together for a little trip across the pond to the magical land of France—for our first ever European Day Tripper. We’d heard rumors about this foreign land for years, but we wanted to check things out for ourselves and find out if their croissants worth they hype? (yes is the answer).

Day Tripper: Australia

Day Tripper is our #TrustTheBum travel series. For us, it doesn’t matter if it’s flying to Oz or just leaving the office for lunch, we try ‘n remember to get out and live a little more. So, if that means sleeping on the floor of a cheap Airbnb to afford the plane ticket, or hitting up every donut shop in Encinitas on a quest for the best white sprinkle cake donut, we’re in.