Day Tripper: Australia

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Day Tripper is our #TrustTheBum travel series.

Key word “Bum” so get ready for stuff like “what you should bring but you’ll probably forget” packing lists.

For us, it doesn’t matter if it’s flying to Oz or just leaving the office for lunch, we try ‘n remember to get out and live a little more. So, if that means sleeping on the floor of a cheap Airbnb to afford the plane ticket, or hitting up every donut shop in Encinitas on a quest for the best white sprinkle cake donut, we’re in.

Here’s the spots we surfed, the endless coffee shops we hit up (What’s the deal with Australian coffee? That sh*t is next level), the music we listened to on the trip, the random shops we fell in love with, the hospitals we found ourselves in (death by vegan meatball) and the people we met up with along the way.

At @SunBum we try and stick to the four main food groups: donuts, coffee, more coffee and tacos (sub tacos for meat pies in Australia). @AmberMozo

📍Bread Social, Gold Coast

A Day at Rainbow Bay with @ShylaShort @ZahliaShort

📍Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast

We dropped 60 of our umbrellas at Watergoes up for grabs to whoever wanted them. "If you find it, you keep it." No seriously, they were free. It what we call our Finders Keepers. @KyussKing @RasmusKing

📍 Watergos Beach

Our first stop on our 2019 Bum Rush Tour was at Gold Coast, Australia at Duranbah Beach aka D’bah. To kick off this year’s #BumRushTour we had local Aussies @reefheazlewood, @bededurbo, @theflyingsquirrel, @isabella_nichols and @_jayphillips take over to judge the lineup. So, we posted up, blew the horn and 20 minutes later @duke_wrencher “ripped the bag out of it” and won a cheap champagne (sparkling cider actually) shower & $1,000 bucks.

📍 D'bah, Gold Coast

God save the Kings. @KyussKing @RasmusKing

📍 Byron Bay, Australia 

Made a quick stop to the Mothership.

📍 The Big Banana Fun Park, Coffs Harbour

We should have bought more Kingston cookies, but other than that we had a pretty perfect trip. 

📍 Avalon, New South Wales, Australia

Met up with all our Aussie ambassadors. @JulianWilson @KyussKing @RasmusKing

📍 Australia

 We'll be honest, that was a trip. Thanks Australia.

Xx, SB