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Check out the bands that have stopped by our Cocoa Beach Office.

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Bum Rush Tour

What Ambush surf contests

Where Wherever looks good to us

When Whenever we feel like it

Who Whoever happens to be there

Prize $1K

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You find it you keep it. Seriously.

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Beach People

To us, the beach is more than just a place—it represents a sense of freedom and a connection to something bigger. Beach communities around the world are filled with people from all walks of life who have one thing in common—like us, they are drawn to the ocean because of how it makes them feel. We call them 'Beach People', and these are some of their stories.




Crew Favorites

We asked a few people around the office what their favorite Skin Care product is and convinced them to get in front of a camera and tell us why.
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20 Questions With Malia Manuel

Malia's one of the most down to earth humans we know. As a fifth generation Hawaiian, her deep connection to nature (especially the ocean) has led her to a successful career in professional surfing.
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