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To us, the beach is more than just than a place—it represents a sense of freedom and a connection to something bigger. Beach communities around the world are filled with people from all walks of life who have one thing in common—like us, they are drawn to the ocean because of how it makes them feel. We call them 'Beach People', and these are some of their stories.
Meet Addie Gibson

Addie uses her passion for art and the ocean to fuel her mission in helping #endthestigma around talking about mental health. We’re stoked to support her in all that she’s doin’ to make the world a little brighter.

Meet the Dogs

We love our dogs. They don’t judge our lazy friends that are crashed out on our couches, or care what kind of clothes we wear, or what kind of car we drive, or that we just bombed our midterms, or got laid off…again. They just sense when we need love and they give it to us, no matter what… unconditionally.

Meet Gigi Lucas

 She never imagined that one wave could change her life. GiGi kicks out of the corporate rat-race and trades it in for a life she loves.

Meet Bruce Parker

Bruce proves that not all heroes wear capes—some like wearing trench coats and getting pummeled by the shore break.