Traveling with Babies (and Keeping Your Sanity)

Seeing the words “baby” and “travel” in the same sentence might make your palms start to sweat and stir up traumatic memories of sitting on a plane next to a screaming child—but that’s exactly what we’re here to help with.

DIY Bucket Hat

Besides lookin' pretty dang adorable, these mini bucket hats help keep our groms faces nice n’ shady while they’re outside running around in the sun.

DIY Duke Mobile

Callin’ on aunties and uncles, we’ve got the perfect DIY gift for you to make your soon-to-be parent friends.

DIY Drum Set

In true kid fashion, this DIY needs quite a bit… but you probably have it around the house! So don’t give up! 

Baby Massage? Yep, that’s a Real Thing

We’re all about keeping our babies stoked, happy and healthy - and sometimes they need a little extra lovin’.  

Baby Bum's Rad Registry

We thought we’d help out by bringing some of the best baby shower gift ideas (or at least what we’d buy for our friend’s babes). 

You're a Good Mom

Some days we’re late to pick up our kid or forget to make their lunch, but we hope most days our kids think we’re super heroes (which we pretty much are).

DJ Bean Bag's Playlists: Reggae Mix

Bean Bag is from Pig Beach in the Bahamas so of course his first playlist has to be filled with the jams and beats of the islands he loves…that’s right, Reggae Music mon. 

Planet Coco: Coral's Weekly Beach Cleanup

Whether it’s surfing, the animals or her weekly beach clean-up treasure hunt, Coral just loves the beach. That’s why she keeps it clean, just like Coco.

Duke's Backyard: Surf With Duke & Friends

Hugh (age 5) and Duke (age 3) trade their pajamas and light sabers for board shorts and surfboards for a fun session near their home in Vero Beach in this vintage Sun Bum video.  

Meow Meow's Snack Shack: Banana Pancake Recipe

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so Meow Meow wanted to share her favorite Banana Pancake recipe with ya that look just like her!  

Stoke's Studio: Meet Josh

Baby Bum and Sun Bum Senior Designer Josh Westbrook is a great dad and the amazing artist behind the Baby Bum brand artwork.