DIY Duke Mobile

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Callin’ on aunties and uncles, we’ve got the perfect DIY gift for you to make your soon-to-be parent friends. This DIY Baby Mobile is an easy, creative little project that’s a staple for a rad nursery. Fun Fact: Baby mobiles are visually stimulating, boost brain development, help soothe & calm babies and let’s be honest, they’re just freakin’ cute. We love handmade gifts, so we decided to try and make a baby mobile ourselves. We used some of our mini knits from our Baby Bum crew, but feel free to use whatever. This is one you can make super personal or keep easy-peasy with just some funky beads or pom poms. Oh, and Mom & Dad, feel free to make one for your own little one too!

Here’s what ya need: 

  • Embroidery hoop (just the inner ring)
  • Balls (beads, pom poms, or anything else you’d like to hang from the ring)
  • Embroidery floss / String
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Yarn 
  • Tape Measure
  • Mini Baby Bum Knits / Other small stuffed animals 

Baby Bum DIY MobileStart by wrapping your yarn around the embroidery hoop. You can skip this part if you’d like the natural wood look, but we were feelin’ the grey yarn to tie in all the colors. 

With your needle and thread, create a loop on top of your knits. This will be where you hang them from. 

baby bum coco knit Next begin laying out your beads and mini knit in the order you like. Leave some space between them. We chose to do about 3 beads on each and end with the knit. 

Then cut 5 pieces of embroidery string. (We used 1 ft length so there would be extra embroidery string to hang from the embroidery hoop.)

 Thread the needle with the embroidery floss through the hoop you made on your mini knit or begin with a bead. From there, add your first bead about an inch up.

Then keep adding the beads on, spacing them how you would like, as you make your way up. We did four inches between each. Make sure to make a knot in your embroidery string after each bead so they stay in place. 

After you’ve threaded all your beads & mini knits, you can start putting together your mobile.

 You want your four strings of beads & knits to be evenly spaced on the embroidery hoop. Start with your first string of beads. Then with your tape measure and sharpie, make a small dot where the rest of the strings should hang from. 

Take the string, just above the top bead, and knot it to the embroidery hoop.

Do that same step with the rest of your bead / knit strings. 

Hold it up to make sure the mobile hangs evenly.

Then to hang cut 4 strings each about 2 feet long, to give yourself extra room. Knot them all together on one end keeping a ‘hoop’ at the top.

Lastly, evenly tie each of them to your string spots on the hoop. 

Now you’re ready to hang!  

Make sure it all stays secure (you can hot glue that knot at the top to make sure it doesn’t untie) & then pack it up and send it off to your Mom & Dad friends or family.