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The Legends Who Inspired It All

Our Ambassadors are legends who dream big and work really hard to be able to take what they love to the next level. And even though they’re obviously crazy good at what they do, the real reason we partner with them isn’t because of all their success and notoriety, it’s because of the choices they make to try to be good humans. So, as a symbol of that dedication within the ocean and surf community, we decided to make these Limited Edition Pins.

ambassadorsAvailable Only At Your Local Surf Shop

Why? Because, like a lot of other mom and pop businesses, local surf shops have been hit pretty hard recently. And while things seem to be going back to normal(ish), we know it’s going to take a little extra love from our community to really get these shops up and runnin’ again—and we want to do what we can to help. Because to be honest, we wouldn’t be where we are today without ‘em.

ambassador pins

Show some support for the surf shops that make our industry and beach communities so epic. Available exclusively at local surf shops with any purchase of 20 bucks or more of our products.

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