What ya need: 

In true kid fashion, this DIY needs quite a bit… but you probably have it around the house! So don’t give up! 
  • 11 Long, thin wooden poles (65 x 1.5cm)
  • 1 metal saucepan lid 
  • 1 paint roller bracket with a hollow handle 
  • 2 short, thin wooden poles (35 x 0.8cm) 
  • 3 cords with stoppers (or simple shoelaces)
  • A drill and drill bits 
  • A pen knife 
  • 1 large wooden board  (55 x 22cm) 
  • 1 small wooden board (25 x 9cm)
  • 1 empty plastic bottle 
  • A screwdriver
  • 10 thick, strong rubber bands (about 10cm in diameter) 
  • 1 sponge 
  • 3 plastic buckets (large, medium, small) 
  • 1 large plastic bowl
  • 2 short, fat wooden poles (35 x 3cm)  

How to add ‘drum designer’ to your parent resume below: 
1. Set up your bases: Tie three of the long wooden poles with a rubber band to create a teepee. Make 3 total of these teepees.

2. Crash (cymbal) tested: Use rubber bands to attach one long wooden pole vertically and one of the short, thin poles horizontally to two of the teepees. Then insert the hollow handle of the paint roller over one of the vertical poles & hang your saucepan lid from it. Secure it with a rubber band.

3. Kids say jump, we say how high (drum): Cut a short slit into the front of the plastic bottle with a knife and place it on top of the other vertical pole! Next, place the small and medium buckets on top of your high drum and crash cymbal teepees to make your drums, secure them to the vertical poles with two cords. Place the bowl on the last remaining teepee!

4. Pedal to the metal: Tip the large bucket on its side and tie it down onto the large wooden board with a cord. Get the drill out and drill a hole in one end of the small board and poke the pointy end of the screwdriver through it. Then place the small board onto the large board, with the screwdriver handle just behind the bottom of the bucket!
Stay with us.... We promise you can do it!
Slide the sponge underneath the small board, behind the screwdriver. You’ve made your pedal! Step on that pedal and the screwdriver will hit that bass drum perfectly!

5. Let’s get Rockin’: Move those pieces around get your drum set just right for your little one to jam. Grab those drumsticks for them & ear plugs for you and get playing!

Thanks for playing!
Baby Bum

*Inspired by @hellolunchlady