Derms Love Daily

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The reviews are in and it’s unanimous—the experts are stoked on our new Daily moisturizing sunscreen.

Why? Because no matter where you live, the one key factor that can prevent all kinds of bummer skin conditions is the regular use of sunscreen. And sometimes that’s hard for folks to work into their everyday routine. But not anymore. Daily is your one-step routine that gets you moisture and protection.

Wanna hear more? We’ve got the scoop from Dr. Lindsey Zubritzky MD, FAAD here:

As a dermatologist, I know just how important incorporating SPF into your daily routine is, and I am thrilled to see so many people jumping on board with these same beliefs! However, it can be challenging to convince people to wear sunscreen when they don’t like the look or feel of it. Thankfully, Sun Bum’s new Daily moisturizing sunscreen has entered the chat!

This new sunscreen line is really a game-changer when it comes to face and body sunscreens. It’s skincare meets SPF, specifically made for those who want to wear a sunscreen daily but don’t want to FEEL like they’re wearing sunscreen. 

The entire Daily line is formulated with SPF 50 with two face lotions and one body lotion. All of these have the feel and absorption of a lightweight moisturizer with the protection of a heavy-duty sunscreen without the white cast.  The results: a really great, hydrating moisturizer with protection from the sun and free radicals.


Here’s the breakdown:

Daily Gel: This is a gel-based sunscreen moisturizer. It’s perfect for those who have normal to oily skin and is completely translucent, so it pairs well with makeup and can even work as a primer. It has a matte finish and is also fragrance-free and dermatologist tested.

Daily Face: This is your traditional lotion sunscreen but much more elegant and moisturizing. It’s liquid so it absorbs quickly and works well for those with normal to dry skin. It has a sheer, lightweight finish, so anyone can wear it confidently. It also has a milky-translucent color without a white cast. I also love that it’s fragrance-free, so even those with sensitive skin can wear it.

Daily Body: Why should your face get all of the lovin’? The Daily Body is a great option for those who want more than sun protection. It moisturizes and hydrates while still being sheer and easy to apply. I like this for an everyday sunscreen – it’s best applied in the morning while getting ready.

SPF is so important to wear every single day. Even when it’s rainy or even when it’s cloudy, our skin is always being exposed to UV rays. As a dermatologist, I see firsthand every day the effects that chronic UV exposure can have on skin. And the best way to protect yourself? Everyday application of sunscreen.