There's a Better Way to Air Dry Your Hair

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We think that Air Dry Cream might just be the most underrated hair care product around.

A lot of people have no idea that this even exists let alone the wonders it works. So, before you rush out the door with that soaking wet mop of hair (that’ll most likely dry into a frizzy mess by noon), you might wanna read this.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Air Dry Cream— answered by celebrity hair stylist Kiley Fitzgerald.

Can you tell us more about what an Air Dry Cream is and how it works?
Definitely! An Air Dry Cream is an amazing, low maintenance hair care product that doesn’t need heat to be activated. It’s the perfect option for anyone looking to avoid hours spent drying and styling their hair, but still wants an effortless look! It’s made to be applied after showering when your hair is still damp so that your hair is prepped and protected as it air dries.

What hair types does it work best on?
Sun Bum’s Air Dry Cream is made for ALL hair types! And works great on anyone looking to smooth out frizz and enhance the natural texture and body of their hair.

Does the Air Dry Cream work as a styling cream too?
Yes! Using an Air Dry Cream provides a lightweight hold that helps tame frizz and gives that effortless look we want, without the use of any heat styling tools.

Air dry cream on blonde and brunette hair

How do we get the most out of using an Air Dry Cream (aka get our hair to look good)?
It depends on how much hair you have but start with a dime size amount and use more if needed. If you have long or thick hair start with a quarter size amount and work through to ends for best results.

What makes Sun Bum’s Air Dry Cream so special?
Sun Bum’s Air Dry Cream is unique because not only does it give you a gorgeous low maintenance look (for all hair types), but it’s also color safe and contains UV protecting ingredients that help protect your hair from the sun while you’re out and about.

What makes using an Air Dry Cream a worthy alternative to plain old air drying or using a hair dryer?
Letting our hair dry without using any product can make hair frizzy or deflate its optimal style and texture and also makes it more susceptible to environmental damage. And by cutting down on the number of times we’re using a blow dryer, we are also helping prevent heat damage.

Air Dry Cream product benefits