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Some of hair care's biggest questions answered by a pro.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Kylie Fitzgerald

Kiley Fitzgerald is a Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylist who has transformed the tresses of celebrity clients such as Olivia Wilde, Addison Rae, Maddie Ziegler, McKenna Grace, Olivia Munn, Laura Marano and more. She really has a knack for making good hair look simple. So, we invited her over to the office to teach us her ways.

We asked, she answered. 

How often should we be washing our hair?
I typically wash my hair about two times a week–but always after heavy workouts when I get really sweaty! It can clog the pores in your scalp if you don’t–Sun Bum’s Detox Scalp Scrub comes in handy here. You just really want to make sure you’re not over-washing and stripping your hair of its natural moisture balance.

Are all shampoos created equal? How do we know which shampoo or conditioner to use?
All shampoos and conditioners are a little different. But I like to switch up the shampoos & conditioners I’m using. For example, one week I’ll use a hydrating and restoring option and then the following week I’ll try and switch it up by using a clarifying or detox shampoo if I notice a lot of build-up on my hair and scalp.

Sun Bum Detox Scalp Scrub in hand and on hair

What's the best way to minimize heat damage? And what should we be doing to best protect our locks if we are using heat tools?
Using a heat protectant or a leave-in conditioner is great for keeping your hair healthy while limiting frizz and breakage. And if I do style my hair with heat tools, I try to keep that hairstyle for as long as possible before shampooing so it doesn’t over-dry it.

Do hair masks + deep conditioning treatments actually work to repair your hair? How often should we be using them?
I think using a hair mask once a week is super important for overall hair health. Not only does it help restore moisture to dry hair, it also helps prevent damage and breakage in the future.

What products (other than a shampoo & conditioner) should we be using on a weekly basis?
I always like to use a moisturizing leave-in treatment like Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner after getting out of the shower. I’ve found that the best way to apply it is by ringing excess water from my hair so that it’s damp (but not soaking wet). Then apply a good amount of the leave-in to the ends of your hair and run the remainder (just a small amount) to the top of your head.

Why is ‘Color Safe’ hair care important?
‘Color Safe’ hair care is important for maintaining and protecting your hair after processing it with color. Also, anytime we're out in the sun we're at risk for UV hair damage. So using a product with UV protection (like Sun Bum’s) is putting you ahead of the game.

Spraying Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In into hair and holding bottle in hand

What’s the easiest way to enhance the natural style of our hair (without it taking all day)?
Everyone’s hair is different and needs slightly different things. If you have straighter/finer hair that tends to fall flat try to use just a shampoo & conditioner and a leave-in conditioner on the ends to keep the volume at the root. If you have curly or coarse texture opt for using a shampoo, conditioner and use an Air Dry Cream to hold the natural shape or curl of your hair while keeping it hydrated too.

Any tips on styling/air drying wet hair?
I like applying a leave-in and then the Air Dry Cream to hydrate and hold the shape and texture of my hair while it dries. It’s perfect for when I want to give my hair a break from blow drying or for when I’m in a hurry.

What are your top hair care do's & don'ts?
“Less is more” meaning you don’t always need to put a bunch of product in for your hair to look beautiful. I try to stick to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and once you find a routine that works stick to it until it doesn’t anymore!

Sun Bum Air Dry Cream and girl adding product to hair

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