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Give your hair what it needs to do its thing, so you can get back to doing yours. With the nourishing and revitalizing protection of Sun Bum Hair Care, you can spend less time worrying about it, and more time doin' what you love.

Sun Bum Hair Care

When it comes to hair we know a thing or two about how to keep it healthy, because we play hard, spend time outside, and put our hair through the wringer. We make products that keep up with us to protect and repair our hair so we can keep doing the things we love.

We Got Answers

Nope. All of our products were reformulated years ago without DMDM.

Sulfates encompass a wide range of very different chemicals with very different chemical properties. For example, iron sulfate is a common form of iron used in supplements for people and in soil used for plants. Magnesium sulfate (aka “Epsom salts”) are used in therapeutic baths. There are even organisms found near deep-sea thermal vents that use naturally occurring sulfates for energy in place of sunlight. Clearly, not all sulfates are bad. We use Sodium Coco-Sulfate (in our Revitalizing Shampoo) that starts from Coconuts.

For sure! Our Sun Bum Hair Lightener is formulated with ingredients that really help amplify the natural highlighting effect of the sun including: Meyer Lemon & Costa Rican Pineapple extracts topped off with a bit of hydrogen peroxide.

We’ve seen the best color results on lighter brown to blonde hair tones. But using hair lightener on dark brown hair will work it will just give you warmer hues…think amber, gold, and honey. If you do decide to try it on dark hair, we recommend testing it out on a few strands first by applying 1-2 sprays and combing through your hair before going out in the sun. Just remember all results are permanent.

Whether you are going for an all over light a bright look or some sun-kissed highlights, use these steps for the best results:

Wash hair using shampoo and conditioner on desired area, spray Hair Lightener onto dry or damp hair. To avoid breakage and over-drying, limit use to no more than once between hair washes and use a leave in conditioner. We also recommend using a tone Enhancing product with this like our Tone Enhancer. Complete the look with any of our other hair styling products.

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We usually wrap it up into a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber hair towel, then let it air dry.

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