Surf Hair, Don't Care

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Our ambassadors tell us everything—about their hair.

Not gonna lie, we love what a little saltwater and sunshine can do to our hair. It reminds us of long summer days spent surfing and hanging out with our friends. But as good as beachy waves and sun kissed highlights might look, too much exposure to harsh, drying conditions can really nuke our hair.

 And since we’re not about to drop everything we wanna do just to save our hair from lookin’ fried, we thought we’d just call up a few of our ambassadors to share some of their hair care secrets with us instead. Read on to see what they said.

Our Ambassadors

(aka our surf hair experts)

Sun Bum Ambassador Isabella Nichols

Isabella, you’re a blondie and it’s long! Give us some tips.

What does your hair care routine look like?

Having long hair and being a surfer, it's super easy for my hair to get knotty after a surf! My routine starts before I hit the water, with a few sprays of Sun Bum 3 in 1 Spray to keep the hair silky smooth in the water. After I get out and dry my hair, I’ll pop some SB Coconut Argan Oil in to repair the hair & keep it healthy.

If you had it your way, what would your ideal day look like?

Simple is key for me! If I get my morning coffee in with friends, a fun surf after that, a bit of cruisy time at home listening to music & a dinner with the gals, that’s my ideal day!

You travel all over the world. What’re some things you never forget to take with you?

My surfboards, a set of my favorite bikinis & a stick or two of the Julian Wilson Tinted Sunscreen Face Stick!

Which SB Hair Care products are your favs (if you could only pick 3)?

Choosing only 3 is hard! 3 in 1 Leave In, Blonde Purple Conditioner & the Coconut Argan Oil

To you, Sun Bum Hair Care is ___________.

Lifesaving, after a full day in the sun!

Sun Bum Ambassador Nique Miller

Nique, you have the most amazing curly hair. Teach us your ways.

What’s a day in the life look like for you?

My ideal morning looks like me waking up, grabbing my board and hitting the waves at my home break of Queens in Waikiki. I love surfing in town because of all the amazing views such as Diamondhead and the iconic Waikiki beach. It also has the most perfect waves to longboard on and hone my skills. After some time hanging out with friends, I rest up and get ready for round two in the evening!

What’s something you can’t travel without?

Scrunchies. I’m always wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail on and off the plane.

Tell us about your haircare routine?

My hair care routine is simple and packed with moisture rich products. My hair is long and textured hair due to my ethnic background (I’m African American and Mexican American) and is on the dry side to begin with, but even drier with all the time I spend in the sun and ocean! So, I try to make sure to use products that keep it as hydrated as possible.

Nique’s Hot Tips

  1. I only shampoo once or twice a week to get all the buildup out because washing it too much can be drying. I also condition often.
  2. After I rinse, I always spray in the 3 in 1 Leave In throughout my hair, but focus on the ends.
  3. While it is still damp, I put in some of the Coconut Argan Oil to help lock in the moisture and wrap it up to dry using the Sun Bum T-Shirt Hair Towel.
  4. I always use scrunchies to tie my hair up into a bun. They’re super soft and won’t cause breakage in your hair like normal hair ties!

If you had to choose just 3, what would your fav SB Hair Care products be?

If I had to choose three products from Sun Bum hair care that are my favs would have to be the 3 and 1 Leave In, Revitalizing Hair Mask and Coconut Argan Oil.

Finish this sentence. To me, Sun Bum Hair is ___________.

Diverse and inclusive

Sun Bum Ambassador Leila Riccobuano

Aloha Leila. Tell us everything—about your hair. 

What’s your ideal day look like?

My ideal day is a sunny day spent at the beach with friends. Oh, and also includes tons of snacks!

What is something you can’t travel without?

I can’t travel without a good pair of walking shoes to explore new places.

How would you describe how you take care of your hair?

I keep things simple, easy, and hydrating because I’m lazy and my hair is damaged by the sun haha!

If you had to choose just 3, what would your fav SB Hair Care products be?

If I only got to choose three it would be the Coconut Argan Oil, Revitalizing Hair Mask, and the Curls Detangler Spray

Finish this sentence. To me, Sun Bum Hair is ___________.

Straightforward, effortless, and effective!

 Sun Bum Ambassador Hair Care Product Picks

Thanks for hangin’ out and sharing some of your hair care tricks with us ladies. Keep ripping.

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