Purple Hair Care FAQ

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...With Our Hairstylist Ambassador Laura Polko

Get the lowdown on our new Blonde Purple Shampoo & Conditioner 

When we use Purple hair products on our blonde hair + highlights, we’re gently neutralizing warm or brassy tones and leaving our locks looking cooler than ever—and by 'cool', we mean those bright, icy blonde tones we love so much.  

We chatted with our Sun Bum Hairstylist Ambassador and all-around awesome human, Laura Polko, to help give us the lowdown on all the Purple hype. 
Known for her signature beach waves, Laura is a straight up hair magician who works wonders on the manes of many well-known celebs around the world. And being a blondie herself, she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to love and protect our precious golden locks. We’re stoked to share some of her knowledge and expertise with you. Check out some frequently asked questions (and Laura’s answers) below.



Laura Polko

Purple Hair Product FAQs

How do Purple Shampoo & Conditioner work?
It goes back to basic color wheel theory. So, you have blue and purple across from orange and yellow, which means a purple product on blonde is going to neutralize yellow aka the brass and bring your hair back to a cool, icy blonde. 
What’s the difference between Purple Shampoo versus Purple Conditioner?  
The deep purple pigment of the shampoo works to tone and neutralize brassiness. The conditioner also contains a light purple pigment which helps solidify the icy tones, while also delivering a ton of moisture. But it's important to use both together to maximize results. 
How often should I use a Purple Shampoo & Purple Conditioner? 
Sun Bum’s Purple Shampoo + Conditioner is gentle enough to use every day, however most people tend to use them 1-2 times a week until they get the results they’re looking for! 
How long should I leave ‘em both in for? 
I recommend leaving both products in for 2-3 minutes each, depending on your desired results. So, leave it in longer if you want a little extra toning power. 
So...will Purple Shampoo turn my hair purple?  
I know it looks scary when you see the bright pigment in your hand and you think, oh my god, this is going to turn my hair purple? Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. However, the more over-processed your hair is, the more porous your ends are, making them more prone to picking up color. Which is why we recommend leaving it in for 2-3 minutes and then going from there, depending on what works for your hair type. If there is any lingering pigment in your hair, it will rinse out after one or two washes. 
What other hair products would you recommend? 
If you need even more purple, I personally love using the Tone Enhancer after I get out of the shower. I also love using the 3 in 1 Repair. It works really well if your hair is over-bleached, over-processed and really dry. If you have thicker, textured, more coarse hair, the Coconut Argan Oil is good too. On days where you’re in need of a little extra moisture, I would recommend the deep conditioning Hair Mask.  
I use the Hair Lightener, so should I also be using Purple products? 
Yes, the Hair Lightener pairs really well with the Purple lineup. If I need a little touch up, I spray it on, get in the sun, let it lighten and then use the Purple Shampoo + Conditioner afterwards to help tone my overall color.