You're a Good Mom

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You could say we’re in a bit of a pickle here at Baby Bum. That is, being part of the “marketing” crew for this rad little company, but… we, ourselves, don’t like being marketed to when we’re shopping or trying to watch a movie or YouTube video. So, here’s the rub, we gotta let the world know about our brand, but we’re tryin’ really hard not to bug people with commercials or ads that interrupt what they’re trying to watch.  After all, “Skip Ad” is our best friend too.

So, we decided that if we were gonna spend some of our marketing budget on “traditional ads”, that we’d put something on the screen or billboard that we’d want to see or, better yet, need to see, that would encourage us in our daily life. Something that was true.  A simple message that reminds ourselves and our awesome community of moms out there that we are really good moms.  And so that’s what we did.

Cuz the truth is, we want to be reminded of this too. Some days we’re late to pick up our kid or forget to make their lunch, but we hope most days our kids think we’re super heroes (which we pretty much are).

So no matter if you’re a mom juggling a full time job or if you’re a stay at home mom; no matter what you’ve done, haven’t done …

You’re a Good Mom.


Baby Bum