Support Your Local Surf Shop

We know it’s going to take a little extra love from our community to really get these shops up and runnin’ again—and we want to do what we can to help.

Sun Bum Printable Coloring Pages

Sonny and the ambassador crew are here. Time to break out the crayons.

Carissa Moore Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary and latest addition to the family, we’re coming out with a limited-edition collectible vinyl of 4-time world champion Carissa Moore.

DIY: Hair Accessories

Took some time away to get crafty with the girls in the office last week & upcycled some of our favorite hair must haves. 

Sun Bum Hair Care

Introducing three new hair care products to protect and nourish those sun drenched locks of yours.

From Trash To Treasure

Our Encinitas concept shop is pretty much a museum of "one of a kind" Sun Bum items. 

7th Annual #ShowUsYourBum Photo Contest

From day one we’ve had this running challenge with our friends to see who can tag and snag the craziest or coolest or most hilarious photo using our logo, stickers or products. 

Welcome To The Family Carissa Moore

We’re stoked to welcome three-time World Champion Carissa Moore to the Sun Bum family.

Limited Edition Vinyl Series

Since the beginning, our company has been just a reflection of our lifestyle. You know, what we’re into…

CocoBalm, The World’s Greatest Lip Balm (To Us)

Based On A True Company Disclaimer: These videos were made by people (us) who don’t know the first thing about making ads.


We’re tryna be a little better at how much plastic we use, so we decided to dye some old Sun Bum canvas bags during work.


Makin’ things quick & easy for ya 5 steps + 8 materials

Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Texas Made: The Five Hour Surf Trip with Barron Mamiya & STAB

The Bear Champ Vs. Sonny

What?!! A “Bear Champ Vs. Sonny” piece went up in Chicago?

6th Annual Show Us Your Bum Photo and Video Contest

Check out the big money winners and all the pictures that made us really happy this summer. #showusyourbum