This is Jill Perkins

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“Gas Up Your Friends.”

Jill is about as authentic and unfiltered as they come. A real straight shooter. And while her talent as a professional snowboarder is undeniable, she’s just an overall bad ass human being and inspiring friend.

We caught up with her to hear more about the things that keep her WAMming both on and off the mountain.

20 Questions With Jill Perkins

What’s something random that most people might not know about you?
I don’t like fruit. Lemons and limes are great but not so much the others… maybe a texture thing? Haha. 

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Set goals. 

What’s your motto?
Gas Up Your Friends

How do you define success? What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
I think defining success comes from within. People look at success in so many ways. There’s money, clout, material things…but I find the feeling of success comes when you become at peace with the things that you’ve accomplished. When you truly feel as if you’ve achieved something you’ve worked hard at, you feel internally happy and at ease. For me, I think getting the cover of SLUSH Magazine and winning Rider of the Year in 2021 for both Slush and Torment Mag had me feeling complete in the moment. 

Jill Perkins

What’s something you do just for you?
I really enjoy taking my dog on a walk. It probably is one of the more peaceful things in my life.

What does community mean to you?
Support. Family. A camaraderie of sorts. Mutual passion spread across the board.

What's the craziest thing that's happened to you on the mountain/in the water?
Hmm this one is hard. Getting to watch Zoi Synnott snowboard is pretty epic. 

Guilty pleasure?
Taylor Swift

What’s it like living in Salt Lake City?
It’s truly awesome. I just moved into a new spot and it is so fun handling different projects. The access to the mountains is crucial and easy. If you enjoy the outdoors, this place rules. Could use better food options though ;)

We know you love snowboarding but what else gets you up in the morning?
For starters, coffee. Being outside. Skateboarding, people watching, trying new restaurants, laughing with friends, experiencing new things.

What's your go to on Spotify right now?
I’m The Only One – Melissa Etheridge

Where do you like to go when you have some free time?
Ooof two places. Mt. Hood Oregon and California. Mt. Hood is such a special place I advise everyone visits at least once. And California to see my family and friends for a little R&R.

What is it about your favorite mountain that keeps you wanting more?
The fresh air and the good vibes that radiate from it.

Who’s your emergency contact?
Katie Kennedy

What are your must-have travel essentials?
Sun Bum Face SPF 70!!!
Go-to for Winter- boot dryers, headphones, a book, and CBD cream.
Go-to for Summer- Friends, Sammy (my dog), and a Yeti water bottle.

Jill Perkins

What animal or mythical creature do you relate to most?
I wish I could say my dog but for the sake of keeping this interesting I am going to go with an Ostrich because supposedly they’re clumsy, but they are quick with it.

What’s your happy place and why?
Mt. Hood. A lot of memories that circulate around that entire place.

Let’s hear your wildest dream.
Creating a place where everyone can exist happily ever after. Judgement free living and a world where peoples stressors don’t ruin their days.

Anything exciting coming up?
I am currently working on a couple projects with Dakine, Vans and Ride Snowboards. Simultaneously growing and changing. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we think we need as people and somehow trying to deviate from the norm with a more inspiring, inclusive, and kind way. Until then… same old haha.

We couldn’t be more stoked on you, Jill. Super excited to see you continue to crush it in everything you do.

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