We Made Ads (about making ads)

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It all started with our life-size bottle of sunscreen.

We try to avoid bombarding you with a bunch of boring ads that guilt you into buying a ton of stuff you don’t need. But we love what we make and think there’s a chance you will too. And also figured that if we could share them with you in a way that didn’t make you want to run away and never talk to us again, that maybe we could sleep a little better at night.

So go ahead, give them a go. But only if you’re up for spending the next 4 minutes of your day watching us and some of our friends messing around at the beach (and in our office) in what we can really only describe as “ads about making ads”.

Hope you have half as much fun watching them as we did making them.

Go Bigger | OG Sunscreen Lotion

Waking up at the crack of dawn is only necessary if the surf is firing or if we get the opportunity to play around with an unnecessarily large bottle of our Original sunscreen on the beach with our friends.

Sonny Says | OG Sunscreen Spray

Sonny doesn’t really say much, but we know he’s always got our back.

Poolside | Roll-On Sunscreen Lotion

Now that we think about it, we probably didn’t need to have a lifeguard on duty (or a cabana crew), but safety first. Also pretty sure that blocking the entrance to our parking lot with our pool was some kind of violation, but sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

Hot Box | Glow 30 Face Lotion

We got some serious side-eye from some folks in Accounting when smoke started pouring out of the cracks of our conference room.