Sunscreen Is For Everyone

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Dermatologist Dr. Laura Scott confirms that “Sunscreen is for all”. 

We talk about the importance of wearing sunscreen, a lot—but we figured that hearing it from a skin expert might also help get the point across. Dermatologist Dr. Laura Scott is back at it to give us the facts behind why incorporating spf into our daily routine is key and why literally everyone (yes, you too) should be doing it.

Dr. Laura Scott, MD FAAD Headshot

As a dermatologist who treats medical and cosmetic skin concerns ranging from skin cancers to dark spots and early lines and wrinkles, the product I'm recommending every single day no matter the issue is (drumroll...) sunscreen!

Many seem to understand the importance of wearing sunscreen during the times we expect to get a lot of sun (like a day at the beach for example), in order to prevent sunburns. But why we should be wearing sunscreen every day, is a concept that I still have to explain to my patients quite regularly. The fact is, UV radiation can lead to premature aging, dark spots, and an increased risk of skin cancer. And while we feel it most on bright sunny days, that UV radiation from the sun still penetrates through clouds on grayer days and reflects off the snow in winter. We can’t escape it’s power. And the damage that it causes to our skin is cumulative, meaning it adds up. So, it's not just the days spent basking in the sun at the beach - it's the everyday sun rays we get on our drive to work or walking the dog, that over time will slowly affect our skin.

Skin Tone Myth Buster

For those of us who claim, “My skin doesn’t burn.” this one’s for you.

Daily sunscreen is not just important for lighter skin types - it's just as important for all skin tones, including those with more melanin! While our melanin does indeed provide some sun protection (estimates are that it can offer anywhere from SPF 3-8), we recommend an SPF of at least 30 to provide adequate sun protection. One of the issues I treat most often in darker skin types is dark spots or hyperpigmentation, and regardless of the cause of those dark spots, UV radiation always keeps dark spots dark! For those who want an even skin tone, daily SPF is the most important first step in treatment (and prevention)!

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How Daily Sunscreen Application Works Wonders

Now that I've hopefully gotten my point across as to the why, next comes the how! Make sure to choose a daily sunscreen that is at least SPF30 and broad spectrum (meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB) - a great option is the Daily Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30. After cleansing skin in the morning, apply this SPF moisturizer, it glides on and absorbs into skin (and sits beautifully under makeup if you like to wear). When it comes to reapplication, the Face Mist SPF 45 is a perfect option that won't mess up your makeup and is easy to keep in your bag - simply spray on and go on with the rest of your day! Finding a sunscreen that you love makes getting into the habit of applying sunscreen everyday easy, and I promise your skin will thank you!

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