4 Reasons our Skin Loves Sleep

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Turns out sleep is even better than we thought.

Our esthetician Dana goes into the hype behind sleep and why getting enough of it is so important for the health (and happiness) of our skin. 

Proper sleep is essential for overall body and brain function but it’s also vital for our skin’s natural rejuvenation process. Here's what’s happening to our skin while we’re off in dreamland.

Stress Hormones Decrease

Cortisol is referred to as the "stress hormone" and while we sleep, it naturally decreases. High cortisol levels from stress and not getting enough sleep can lead to more oil production and acne in the skin. It can even magnify skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Boost in Blood Flow

While we sleep, blood flow increases resulting in more oxygen to the skin—this helps skin stay healthy and vibrant.

Collagen Production

Sleep is known for supporting collagen in the skin which helps minimize fine lines and keep skin looking plump.

Skin Repair

While we sleep, our skin produces growth hormones, which is known for helping restore the damages our skin encounters daily.

While these things happen on their own each night, something that can enhance their effects even further is a solid nighttime skin care routine. Make sure to wash your face before bed - our Daily Cleanser removes dirt, oil, makeup, and sunscreen from the day and allows for better absorption of moisture from other skin care products, like our Hydrating Serum and Restoring Night Cream (which is great for sealing the deal for a great sleep).


Sun Bum Skin Care: Daily Cleanser, Hydrating Serum, and Restoring Night Cream

Sweet dreams. 

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