What's Your Skin Type?

Dana (our go-to skin expert) is going to cover some of the most common skin types and offer up a few suggestions for how we can be taking care of what we got.

Surf Hair, Don't Care

Not gonna lie, we love what a little saltwater and sunshine can do to our hair. It reminds us of long summer days spent surfing and hanging out with our friends.

Summer Essentials (For Our Skin)

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few hot tips for giving our skin the extra love it needs to stay stoked during our fav time of year.

Less is More: Simple Skin Care Routine

Here’s what we know; we love the beach, we love the sun, and we try to take extra good care of our skin. Those are some of our simple truths. And we like keepin’ things simple.

Skin Care 101: Steps to a Good Skin Care Routine

Besides being an all-around good human, Dana is a licensed esthetician (aka skin expert), professional beauty blogger, and self-proclaimed “science nerd” who lives and breathes all things skin care.

Mineral vs Non-Mineral Sunscreen

We all love sunshine! It's a mood lifter, Vitamin D booster, and immune system hero. Yet, let's guard ourselves and our loved ones from those pesky UV rays' not-so-cool side effects.

Purple Hair Care FAQ

We chatted with our Sun Bum Hairstylist Ambassador and all-around awesome human, Laura Polko, to help give us the lowdown on all the Purple hype. 

How to Tame Quarantine Hair: 101

The phrase ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ really rings true on this one.

Sun Bum Hair Care

Introducing three new hair care products to protect and nourish those sun drenched locks of yours.