5 Tips for a Better Cleanse

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Remembering to wash your face seems like a no-brainer, right?

Well, there are definitely a few of us that used to think jumping in the ocean counted as a shower so… maybe not. Either way, we got our skin expert Dana Murray to lay out some do’s and don'ts for washing your face to help us get the most out of this important skin care step.

Why is a proper face cleanse so important?

Cleansing your skin is an essential step for a good skin care routine, particularly at night. Think about it, during the day, your skin sweats and produces oil, and while we’re outside things like dirt, smog etc. can accumulate on skin—not to mention the layers of other skin care products (including makeup) that gets applied in the morning and throughout the day. It all adds up!

Going to bed without washing our face means that all those free radicals are staying on your skin for hours at a time and causing damage to your skin—leading fine lines and overall skin dullness. And not to completely gross you out but going to bed night after night without cleansing means you are squishing your dirty face into your pillow which cause breakouts. No thanks!

So, to help make sure we do what we can to help keep our skin healthy and happy I wanted to share my tips for a better cleanse!

Sun Bum Daily Cleanser

1. 60-Second Cleanse

Massage the Daily Cleanser onto damp skin for a good 60-seconds. Doing this allows the cleanser to transform into a gentle foam which helps break down makeup, sunscreen, dirt, oil etc. without drying out our skin.

2. Don’t Forget These Areas

Be sure to cleanse and rinse around your hairline, ears, and neck as they tend to be areas that cleanser, dirt, and makeup get pushed into with the natural circular motion of cleansing. Products can settle in those areas and result in clogged pores and acne.

3. Water Temperature

Natural oils in the skin are a wax-like consistency. Using water that is too hot can strip the skin's much needed oils and cause redness and irritation. In contrast, water that is too cold doesn't aid in cleansing. Lukewarm is the ideal water temperature since it can lightly break down oils and dirt without inflaming the skin.

If you wash your face in the shower, turn the water down to lukewarm and wash your face last. Doing this ensures you don't have shampoo and conditioner residue dripping down your clean face.

4. Pat Dry (Don’t Rub)

A soft, clean towel is ideal for drying skin after cleansing. It's also recommended to pat your skin dry instead of aggressively rubbing it to avoid irritating your skin.

5. Apply Other Products Right Away

Apply other skin care products within a few minutes of using the Daily Cleanser (while skin is still slightly damp). By doing this, it helps lock in moisture and keep skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.