Our T-Shirt Hair Towel X Daniella Perkins

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Why We Love It

We’re so stoked to share our little hair care secret with you.

Check out our fav oversize tee...that we also use to dry our hair.

Daniella Perkins using the Sun Bum T-Shirt Hair Towel as both a hair towel and shirt

It turns out that how we decide to dry our hair (even if we skip the hair dryer) can majorly affect the overall health of our hair. Using a regular bath towel to soak up the extra water is not only clunky (and heavy) but can also roughen up our hair cuticles to lead to breakage and frizz (ya, no thanks). So, we decided to opt for a method that uses a soft cotton T-Shirt to dry our manes which works wonders on keeping our hair smooth and happy.

We chatted with our girl Daniella Perkins to find out why this technique is a total lifesaver for her and her curls.

Daniella is an all-around rad human. We loved collaborating with her and co-creating the design for this 2-in-1 hair care hero. She's an entrepreneur, actor, and avid traveler who is constantly on the go, but also doesn't wanna spend 6 hours getting ready every day. And as much as she loves her curls now, they've been a little tricky to keep in check at time. But with a schedule as crazy as hers, she's gotten pretty good at finding quick and easy ways to keep her curls frizz-free and on point.

Even though this technique (and the 'plopping' method) is typically used by curly girls to help keep their ringlets frizz-free and fresh, it also works great on straight and wavy hair types too—and we're recently all about it. Plus, when we're not using it to help dry our hair after a rinse, it doubles as a super cute and comfy oversize tee.

How It Works

After showering, squeeze out any excess water from your hair and apply your fav products (based on your hair type) to let all the good stuff soak in while it dries.

Daniella Perkins wrapping her hair up in the Sun Bum T-Shirt Hair Towel

Steps for using the Sun Bum T-Shirt Hair Towel

Sun Bum products for curly hair and Sun Bum product for straight/wavy hair

We couldn't be more pumped about this thing. Hope ya love it as much as we do.