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...And Check Out Our Day In Encinitas

Since Daniella helped us make this Limited Edition T-Shirt Hair Towel, we figured it was only right to have her be the first to take it for a spin around the block, literally. After attempting to play poker on the back porch of our office in Encinitas, we hit the streets and took her to some of our favorite hangouts around town. She talked to us all about her start as an actor, her go-to junk food, and some other stuff too.  
Get to know her below.  

Daniella Perkins and the Sun Bum crew exploring Encinitas, California

Q&A With Daniella 

Give us three words you’d use to describe yourself. 
Strong, determined, goofy 😋

Great combo. For those who might not know ya yet, what do you do for work? 
I am an actor! Filming a really cool show right now (shhh can’t announce it yet) but Hollywood is filled with so many beautiful talented people so it feels really good to be a working actor. Very grateful to be doing what I’m doing.

That’s pretty cool. We know you have a YouTube Channel, how did you start that? 
I’ve been playing around with YouTube since I could remember. My sister and I started several different sister channels. We even had a channel where we would just make our stuffed animals talk to each other. Our sister channel ‘Perkins Sisters’ was a really big part of my life and then I started my own individual channel when I was dating a YouTuber. Every time we would hangout he would be editing or doing something creative so I thought, I can do that....and I did! 

You’ve done so much already, that’s awesome! What standouts to you as something you feel most proud of? 
Buying a house for my family! Growing up we didn’t have money and my family struggled to make ends meet. I have to say though even without money they always found ways to make my sister and I feel like princesses. Anyway, I just recently bought my family our forever home. It was such a surreal moment. Buying my family a house was definitely my greatest accomplishment so far.

   Random question, but also a pretty important one…In-N-Out or Tacos?
Hardest question for sure. My food mood always changes. I’ma have to say BOTH! I’ll take a steak taco from Cactus and a protein style hamburger from In-N-Out please :) thx. 

When did you first learn the T-shirt hair towel hack? 
I’ve been doing the T-shirt towel hack forever now! When you have hair that has a mind of its own its way convenient to just use your shirt and flip your hair into it. Honestly to make my own T-shirt hair towel is just crazy to me, very exciting!! Ahhhh

What are your top three songs right now? 
Anything from BIA. And Beatles. I love the Beatles, I can't pick just 3! Chloe x Halle, Jorja Smith on my mind. Love that song. Impossible for me to just say three songs. 

We feel that. There are way too many good ones out there. Ok, so if you could give your younger self any words of wisdom, what would you say?
Dani! Dude! Stop being so hard on yourself! Enjoy life! Don’t feel so self-conscious over tiny things. Relax girl go to 7-Eleven and get a slushy! You good, life turns out.

Words to live by. Thanks so much for hangin’ with us, Dani. You da best. Next time you're here, let's go get a slushy. 

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