Protect The Groms

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Our Mission

Protect The Groms works with elementary schools across the United States to provide shade structures and sun safety education to kids who live and play in the sun.  Each year PTG awards grants of up to $10,000 to public and charter elementary schools for installing permanent shade structures to cover the sunny areas of their campus.

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Protect The Groms Shade Structure Grant


The PTG Shade Grant is open to public and charter elementary schools located in the United States whom have shown their commitment to sun safety through school and community initiatives.

To be considered, applicants must:

Be a public or charter elementary school in the United States (provided, that a charter school must be a 501(c)(3) organization).

Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sun safety awareness by having an official sun safety policy in their school’s handbook.

Be committed to promoting sun safety through education and protection and consider a shade structure that meets The Protect The Groms Shade Structure Program requirements. Download the PTG Shade Structure Program requirements here. 

2020 Application Deadline: Closed

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Shade Grant Application Form

Our PTG Shade Grant program funds permanent shade structures for public and charter elementary schools. Check out our eligibility and program requirements to see if your school is eligible to apply. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the program, please email

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Protect The Groms is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with elementary schools to provide shade and sun safety education to the next generation. We provide grants to put up shade structures over playgrounds, sun safety education, and sunscreen. Our goal is to move the needle on skin cancer in America one elementary school at a time, and hopefully stoke out a few groms along the way.

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Our Story

In 2010, our family and friends started the sun care brand Sun Bum in order to protect ourselves and our small beach community from the harmful dangers of the sun. As our little company grew we started to realize that our products and logos were connecting with kids of all ages, and we wanted to do more. So, in 2016, we started a non-profit called Protect The Groms.

In surf lingo “groms” means “kids”.

Did you know that often times the skin cancers you get as an adult are results from burns you got when you were a kid? Or that in most of the United States you cant bring sunscreen to school without a doctors note because it's classified as a "drug"?

We wanna change that.