The Bear Champ Vs. Sonny

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What?!! A “Bear Champ Vs. Sonny” piece went up in Chicago?

We’re stoked to see our very own Sonny hanging out with @TheBearChamp on the streets of Chicago. JC Rivera’s new mural, at 14 E 11th St in Chicago, reminds us of why we’ve been such fans of his work for so many years, so seein’ this mural pop up around Lollapalooza was pretty cool. The bright colors, dopey-eyed, take-no-shit attitude of The Bear Champ is a vibe we can totally get behind.

Rivera is Chicago based and Puerto Rico raised. After coming to the states in his early 20’s, he’s been working full time as an artist for nearly the last ten years. The Bear Champ was pulled from an old sketchbook and soon was gracing the streets of Chicago on garage doors, alleyways, and buildings, in two’s and three’s in his unmistakable style. Inspired by his love of boxing and understanding of what it means to survive and thrive in an urban environment, The Bear Champ is a little bit of everything we love. We’re pretty sure Sonny is learning a few moves, and maybe even teaching him a thing or two about that beach life.

Thanks again JC, you’re a legend.



July, 2018