Bum Rush Tour

Seaside, New Jersey

A staple in the Jersey shore surf community, Clay Pollioni’s flair out in the water didn’t go unnoticed by our judges.

Kona Skatepark, Florida

When there’s no waves, we hit a skate park or lake or wherever we can find some action.

A’ala Skate Park, Honolulu, Hawaii

With unusually strong trade winds plaguing the local surf breaks, the Sun Bum crew took the second stop of this years Bum Rush Tour to the reliable concrete at A’ala Skate Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Santa Cruz, California

It was a beautiful and busy day at Steamers Lane with about 30 surfers in the water.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Local surfer, Nick Perganda won the Jacksonville Beach stop of the Bum Rush Tour.

St. Petersburg, Florida

After kicking off the tour with three stops in Hawaii and two in California, we brought the Bum Rush Tour, a unique ambush style surf contest, back to our home state of Florida today for stop number six.

Malibu, California

Ker wins a thousand bucks for some fancy footwork on the longboard in Malibu. Beach-goers are confused by our shenanigans.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Our first ever Bum Rush Tour stop. Lindsay Baldwin catches some waves and the win.