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Meow Meow

Meow Meow is the health nut of the group. She loves to exercise and makes the tastiest fruit smoothies on the island. Meow Meow was born behind a Yoga studio in Encinitas, California, near a surf break called Swami’s. It’s a magical spot where she learned how to take care of her mind, body, and 9-lives spirit before moving to Baby Bum Island. Unlike most cats, she loves the water, it helps keep her clean...she loves to be clean. And she also loves to cuddle.


Moonlight Beach, CA


Exercising, Bird Watching, Smoothies, Yoga, Sunshine and Playing with Friends


She has a crush on Duke

Meet The Rest Of The Crew

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Loves playing outside.

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Loves music and dancing.

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Loves the planet.

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Loves making art.