We turned our sights to one of France’s most famous beach breaks, La Gravier

After a few croissants, a little too much espresso, and a surf check from our balcony (that just so happened to overlook this iconic surf spot), we rallied the troops and began our trek down the massive dune to the water’s edge. After posting up in-between two pristine peaks that offered long-groomed right handers to the south and steep, punchy A-frames to the north, we sounded the horn—Bum Rush France was on.

World class surfing was on display from both judges unanimously agreed that any corporate sponsorships and elite surfing pedigree automatically excluded them from the 1k purse. We kept an eye out for a standout that maybe we’ve never heard of (unless you live in town), but seemed to really know how to read the water. After twenty minutes of consistent 5 wave sets, 2 surfers emerged as the top dogs. But in the end, it was stoic French local Juls who sealed the deal with an incredible two turn combo on one of the biggest waves of the day. Judges grabbed the megaphone to call him in and crown our first European winner. He said he’d use the prize money to take us all out to a trendy nearby club called ‘Escargot’, but we’re still waiting on the call.