“My favorite part was seeing a 99% local crowd go for $5000, and that [the prize went] to the hardest working person here.”

- Dave Wassel, North Shore Lifeguard.

Watch what happens when the Bum Rush washes up on the North Shore above!

The 11th year of Bum Rushing brought us to the epicenter of the surf world, where our two judges, Tosh Tudor and Barron Mamiya, have spent the Hawaiian winter scoring endless days of swell at Pipeline. One morning, we got a call from Mr. Dave Wassel (North Shore Lifeguard and forecast oracle), who clued us into rising surf at Ehukai Beach Park, just two coconut’s throws north of the world-famous reef.

Between sips of coffee, we phoned Zak Noyle (content king) and Vaihiti Mahana (style queen) to tell them the impromptu surf comp was on. By the afternoon, all four of our judges — Vaihiti, Barron, Dave, and Tosh — made the trek down to Beach Park with the essential glitz.

Ambassador Barron Mamiya walking
Zak Noyle wanted to swim, so we assigned him to the water commentary team.

As our panel passed the Pipe channel, they discussed scoring criteria. Barron said he'd give a perfect 10 to a closeout. Vaihiti wanted to see form and finesse. Most everyone agreed that a Championship Tour surfer shouldn't win.

Dave's magic 8-ball was spot on — Ehukai’s sand-hissing serpents created a spectacle of nonstop carnage, heroics and laughter. One hour later, we wrote a $5000 check out to the North Shore's Makana Pang.

Bum Rush winner getting a champagne shower
About two weeks later, Makana Pang placed 2nd at the Vans Pipe Masters for a similar tenacity.

Remember, a Bum Rush could get called on anytime, anywhere. And you wouldn't want to miss out on that cash money. So always go for that surf.

Bum Rush Hawaii collage