Surf The Earth

"The vibes were immaculate." - Keyser Murphy

As much as we love surfing, it’s pretty hard to beat blue skies, fresh snow, and a hyped-up crowd of people doing handplants and tandem skiing down the mountain.

Having a Bum Rush at Mammoth Mountain just hit different. No one had to wait for the next set or risk burning someone down the line to get the wave of the day. It was just a rad community coming together to cheer each other on—and shoot their shot at scoring a giant check for $1000 bucks.

After making the trek from Encinitas, we headed for the base of chair 6 and started setting up with the help from our judges Justin Romano (Mammoth crew member), Stefi Luxton (Local Pro/ New Zealand native) and Lenny Mazzotti (Sun Bum ambassador & Big Bear local Jib wizard). Our umbrellas kept getting tossed around by the wind, but after we gave up on trying to hold them in place, we grabbed our megaphone and got things started. Snowboarders and skiers of all ages and skill levels charged down the mountain. We were blown away with how creative some people got, but even more stoked on how much fun everyone seemed to be having. And while there were a few riders that really brought the heat, it was one young snowboarder that really stole the show.

Mammoth Bum Rush Tour

Pretty sure it was his crew of frothing friends that we noticed first, but it was Keyser Murphy’s style that kept us watching his every move--and helped make it easy to choose him as the Bum Rush Mammoth Mountain champ.

Between the celebratory snowball ambush by Keyser’s friends and seeing Steph hit an 80ft rail in her Sonny cape during the victory lap, we have to say this Bum Rush lands in the top 3 for sure. Can’t wait to get back out there for another run asap.

Mammoth Bum Rush Tour