Ron Artis II & The Truth

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If you haven’t heard about ‘em before, ya have now.

We honestly didn’t know too much about these guys when we first heard they were comin’ into town. When they showed up to our Cocoa Beach office, they just seemed like three humble dudes from Hawaii who smiled a lot and were apparently really talented musicians.


But after grabbing some coffees down the road at Surfinista and hearing a little more about their passion for life and for music, we could tell quickly they were the real deal.

Ron Artis II comes from a long line of talented musicians. Growing up on Oahu around his singer/songwriter parents fostered his natural talent and inspired the mastery of pretty much any instrument he picked up—which was instantly obvious as soon as he started the show.

Ron Artis II & The Truth on Sonny's Porch


Seeing Ron, Jarod (drums), and Ernie (bass) play together on our porch was kinda like watching a few of your friends jamming in the backyard—if your friends played as effortlessly as Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, and Keith Moon. They played all original songs that incorporated Blues, Gospel, R&B and Jazz and from the moment they hit their first note, we were hooked in. Guess you might say we witnessed the talent of legends that day.

Thanks for sharing your passion with us guys.

Catch you on the flip side.