The Mattson 2

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All hail Jared and Jonathan.

If Thomas Campbell provided the visuals, then The Mattson 2 provided the soundtrack to the “Ride Anything” movement that bubbled back up into the surf scene in the early 00’s.

It was this rebirth of 60’s and 70’s surf culture that inspired a free and easy ethos where longboards and fish’s ruled. The films and music from this nostalgic resurgence served as on off-ramp from potato chip thrusters and hyper competitive surfing.

The Mattson 2 is a mixture of sonic ingredients including (but not limited to) traditional jazz, surf, psychedelic, and indie. And over the years, their songs have effortlessly made their way onto our mix tapes, transitioned to burned CD’s we made for our friends, and now take their rightful place onto pretty much every “good vibes” playlist we have saved on Spotify. We’re unabashedly ride or die fans.

Mattson 2 on Sonny's Porch

These identical twin jazz-wizards, Jared and Johnathan, grew up in the backyard of our California office in Encinitas. By one degree of separation, we sent an invite via the coconut wireless (Thanks Andy) for the boys to come play a set for us on Sonny’s Porch in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They were psyched to get back to Florida and revisit what they describe as a place that feels like “a different country, to be honest: The whole landscape, the Everglades, it's so unique from anything else in the US, which I think is great”.

Mattson 2 on Sonny's Porch

So, the plan was set and on a couple of hot and humid days in April, we set out on a musical Florida vacation with the band. With an air boat ride, plenty of beach time, and a killer set of music on the porch, we knew there was a clear common thread of interests and connection between our crew and the band—but what we didn’t know is that we would have so much freakin fun. We hope you enjoy our latest release of Sonny’s Porch featuring the Mattson 2 as much as we did.

Mattson 2 on Sonny's Porch