Blonde Purple Shampoo


Blonde Purple Shampoo


Our Cruelty-Free Blonde Purple Shampoo is like a magic potion for natural and color-treated blonde and brown hair. With Blue Spirulina, Violet extracts and Banana, it gently cleanses and tones our hair, while helping it stay soft and hydrated.

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They’re gentle enough to use every day, but a lot of us use ‘em 1-2x per week or as often as it takes to get that cool blonde tone we’re lookin’ for.

You can leave both the Shampoo & Conditioner in your hair for 2-3 minutes or longer depending on your desired results – the longer you leave ‘em on, the stronger the toning effects will be.

The degree that purple affects our hair depends on hair type and porosity. We don’t expect it to leave any purple residue with normal use, but if for any reason there is any lingering pigment in your hair, it will rinse out after one or two washes with a regular shampoo—don’t worry.

  • Our Tone Enhancer is great for adding a little extra toning power between Purple washes.
  • Our Hair Mask is like a vacation for our hair. It gives our locks a serious boost of moisture and leaves it feelin’ silky smooth.
  • Our 3 in 1 Repair is our go-to for replenishing and revitalizing those dry strands and split ends. Also great for color-treated hair.

Check out our FAQ blog with Sun Bum Hairstylist Ambassador Laura Polko. 

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