The Dad Hat X Summer McKeen

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No Bad (Hair) Days

We were stoked to collab with Summer McKeen on the Dad Hat—made to keep our face in the shade and our hair in check, whether we’re cruising around town or hanging out after sunset with our crew. It's also the perfect cover for those days we just don’t feel like washing our hair.

With summertime just around the corner, it felt like the perfect time for a quick trip up the coast to San Clemente.

After loading up on some rolled tacos (with extra guac) at Pedro’s, we headed up the street to look for some records at Moldy Toes. From Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, Dick Dale, The Strokes and a million other legends, we ran around like kids in a candy shop there. After stocking up on some good music, we headed over to San Onofre to meet up with the rest of the crew to catch the sunset. The waves were fun, the bonfire was lit and there was plenty of pizza to go around.

 We worked together with Summer to bring this hat to life. Learn more about her and some of the inspo behind The Dad Hat below.

Summer McKeen and the Sun Bum crew exploring San Clemente, California

Meet Summer McKeen

Hey Summer! Where are you from originally?
I was born and raised in Eugene, OR!

What’s one fun fact people might not know about you?
I have a tattoo of a dancing cat on my foot. And it’s so terribly done.

Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunset! One of my favorite things in the world.

Tell us a little bit about the design you chose for The Dad Hat?
I’ve always thought smiley faces were cute, so I knew I wanted to put that on the hat, but I also wanted it to have a little more meaning behind it. So, the idea behind the different expressions is to give people a little reminder that it’s okay to feel however you’re feeling.

I think with social media being where it’s at right now, it’s always a good reminder to stop comparing yourself to other people and just be yourself no matter what anyone says. I truly believe that everyone is important, and we all have special gifts that we should let shine every single day.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Happiness—that’s something we try to remember every day! What are some things you’re feelin’ grateful for right now?
My family, my friends, my healthy, working body, the sun in the sky, my super cute cats, and the fact that I get to drop a super cool hat with one of my favorite brands ever!!

We love ya too. If you had to choose just 3, what would your fav SB Hair Care products be?
I'd have to say the 3 In 1 Leave In, Curls Detangler and your Coconut Argan Oil. Big fan.

We love a good throwback song, what’s your go-to right now?
Only You by Steve Monite. I’ve got a lot of favorite oldies, but that’s for sure one of my top favorites.

What does your ideal day look like?
Waking up to the sun on my face, throwing on a swimsuit and running to the beach to layout, surf and swim. Then getting some pizza and having a good, meaningful conversation with someone I love while listening to my favorite music and watching the sunset.

Did you have a favorite moment from your day in San Clemente?
The bonfire was super fun. The s’mores were great, the company was nice, and the vibes were fantastic.

It's been awesome hanging with you Summer, thanks for all the love.


The Summer McKeen x Sun Bum Dad Hat on a towel with Sun Bum hair products