We All Need A Little Sunshine

Okay, during this crazy time, with all of us doing our part by sheltering in place, we wanted to remind everyone that we all need a little sunshine in our lives.  


Let The Sun Shine In

Everybody needs Vitamin D and what’s cool is that our bodies naturally produce it when we’re directly exposed to sunlight. You know how when the sun comes out, we almost instantly feel better? That’s because sunlight trips the release of our serotonin and endorphin hormones that are associated with a happier mood. It’s our body’s way of saying to the sun, “Hey, thanks, I needed that.” And if that wasn’t enough, Vitamin D also helps build up our immune system to fight off things like the cold, flu and other diseases. Doctors even use sunshine therapy to treat depression and anxiety.

Join Us!

10 minutes of sun exposure (up to 30 minutes if you’re darker skinned), 2-3 times a week, is what doctors and scientists recommend. So, we’ve decided, as a crew, to encourage each other and all our friends and family, to commit to getting 10 minutes of sunshine a few times a week.

Whether it’s in our backyard, on our roof deck, opening a window and sticking our head out, or even just taking a drive with the window down. We want to do whatever we can do safely (we take social distancing seriously), to get that feel good sunshine our minds and bodies need.


No need to wear a sunshine suit, just get outside and share some rays with the rest of us. We’d love to see your sunshine moments at #SunshineWithSunBum

10 Minutes Of Sunshine With Sunbum

We Don't Care If You Use Ours. Just Use Sunscreen.

Don’t forget, if you stay out past 10 mins, please make sure to put on sunscreen—we don’t care if it’s ours, just use it.

But what if it's cloudy or I can't get outside?

Well, if you can’t get any real sunshine, we’re the next best thing and we’d love to chat. Reach out to our crew at sunshine@sunbum.com, through our Sunshine Live Chat on SunBum.com, or just say hello @sunbum. We’re in this together. Talk to ya soon. :)

Our Sunshine Crew


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