Our Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Introducing Our 1st EVER Thanksgiving Day Parade


Yep, that’s right—a frickin parade. Why not, right? Nothin’ else to do…except maybe work, but this sounded more fun to us.

It all started when we heard a rumor that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might be cancelled this year. Or, if it was happening, it would be controlled by a bunch of lame robots (just not the same). And after 94 years of epic floats and cheesy announcers wearing oversized coats and fuzzy earmuffs, missing out on one of our fav holiday traditions just didn’t seem right. So, we decided it would be kinda cool to put on our very own holiday production here at the office.

After recruiting some willing accomplices (and their dogs) to join us, we snuck out to Party City and loaded up the van with a few helium balloons and confetti cannons, before raiding our storage closet for a couple other random holiday decorations that we had layin’ around—including a life-size cardboard cutout of Buddy the Elf.

We assembled the Kazoo marching band, saddled up a few bananas onto beach cruisers, suited up the office dogs in their Christmas sweaters, revved up the engine of our remote-control Jeep 4x4 (with our Ambassador crew duct-taped to the roof), and handed the balloon “floats” over to a few steady hands. Everything went pretty smoothly, with the exception of only one minor casualty of one of our star performers (RIP Spiderman #1).

We did our best to add in all the key parade elements, including a cameo appearance from the big man himself…and we’re not just talking about Sonny. And while our route isn’t even close to being as long or as high-tech as the real thing, we had fun—which is all that really matters to us anyway.

We really hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.

Happy Thanksgiving.