Sun Bum x MasterCraft Sonny Session

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In Florida it’s not too often to catch a full day of fun waves with no one out (in fact it’s officially impossible). Lucky for us, MasterCraft hooked us up with the epic endless wave making machine, so all we had to do was carve out a secret spot all to ourselves on the Indian River. We called up our local crew and next thing we knew we had a Sonny Session, wake surf style. Hard cut backs, airs, drawer dropping wipeouts, and good ol’ fashioned cruisers are all made more fun with the peanut gallery shouting just a few feet away lounging on the back of the boat. Hands down one of our most fun recent surfs. Thanks for the hook up MasterCraft

Thanks for shredding Braeden Kopec, Blake Kantack, Bobby Levy, Avery Aydolyette, Chauncey Robinson, Sterling Makish, Daniel Glenn, and Blake Speir.

Thanks for snapping pics Nathanial Harrington. You’re the man.

Mastercraft Boat Day 2

Mastercraft Boat Day 3

Mastercraft Boat Day 4

Mastercraft Boat Day 5

Mastercraft Boat Day 6

Mastercraft Boat Day 7

June, 2017