Facing the worlds DEADLIEST wave

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Early this year, during the Volcom Pipe Pro, two of our Sun Bum ambassadors (Zak Noyle & Amber Mozo)  took on the world’s deadliest wave. Zak Noyle & Amber Mozo are always capturing epic photos for us and it was rad to see them side by side taking on Pipe. We are stoked to have such a close family here at Sun Bum. Check out the video for full story….

“My dad died 13 years ago at this wave. His body was found hours later at the bottom of the sea. They pulled him up to the sand to find severe wounds to his skull from hitting the bottom and he was pronounced dead. I don’t like to cry in front of people and I always skim the surface when people ask- but this week it felt good to get deep. To swim, to cry, to remember, to celebrate…. and what a feeling it was to swim out to the waves that killed my Dad. Thank you @zaknoyle for telling me to swim hard, to breathe deeply, and to look at what’s unfolding in front of me. Only you could of been that person to understand why I needed to meet Pipeline, to forgive her and to love her.
Thank you @redbull @zaknoyle@hawaiianwaterpatrol & @wsl for making this all come together, thanks @ryan.moss@taylor_steele @aarongoldwyn for being by my side all week & thank you picture perfect pipeline, my heart is exploding… x ” -Amber Mozo
Surf Deadliest Wave 2
March, 2018