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Texas Made: The Five Hour Surf Trip with Barron Mamiya & STAB

Barron Mamiya, one of our local North Shore Ambassadors, has been with us since early 2017 and tearing it up all year.

He’s already one of the best barrel riders in the world, making a name for himself as a constant standout at both Pipe and Backdoor while holding his own at Teahupo’o.

So we weren’t too surprised when STAB dubbed him one of the “Top Three Aerialists in the World”  and said he was “punting airs off a trampoline ramp all weekend long.”

Barron threw a massive backside full-rotation (naturally), 1 of the 8 he threw in the 60 minutes. Crazy.

Not sure if it was the country music or Cheyne, who every time somebody stuck an air, would play the brrr brrr brrr brrr brrrrrrrr sound from hip-hop FM stations, but Barron was going off.

“Watching how quickly these surfers, and especially young Barron, figured out this pool out and started dialing in their maneuvers convinced me that BSR is our first look into surfing’s aerial future.” – STAB


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September, 2018