10 Years of Bum Rush Tour

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Celebrating ordinary surfers everywhere.


Back in the day, we didn’t have the cash to sponsor a bunch of pro surfers to compete in a legit contest decked out with shiny trophies and fancy champagne. But instead of letting our piggy banks get in the way of a good time, we decided to grab some of our friends, call ‘em “judges” and post up at some of our favorite beaches to watch the locals tear up their home breaks. We dubbed it Bum Rush Tour, our ambush style surf contest series. 

There were no qualifying rounds, no official jerseys, not even a scheduled time. We just showed up. And through a scoring system consisting of some numbers but mostly just different variations of “that was sickkk” and “yeahhh buddy”, we’d wait for the winner to get out of the water so we could stoke them out with a giant check... and spray them with a bottle of sparkling apple cider.   

Fast forward a decade later, and our MO for Bum Rush Tour remains pretty much the same. We’re still stopping at surf breaks all over the world to pick random surfers out of the lineup to win some money and swag—just for the hell of it. The cool thing is that now we’re able to include our growing team of surf ambassadors to help us keep the tradition alive.  

So, if you happen see a yellow tent and someone yelling into a megaphone with a giant sonny sticker slapped on the side of it, that’s us. 


Bum Rush Tour - 10 Year Anniversary