Miami Swim Week

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Back in the office now and reminiscing about Swim Week down in Miami. OMG we could not have had a more perfect weekend. Anything better than brand new bikinis, Florida sunshine, and all our best friends hunkered down for the weekend? I don’t think so.

Early Friday morning we packed our cars with all the road trip provisions we could ever need (fruit, granola, two bottles of tequila… oh and limes.. lots of limes) and started our trip down the coast. After an epic road battle of car VS: South Florida traffic and rain, we finally made it to our hotel. We had a lot of fun stuff planned for the weekend but number one on the agenda was setting up our “Finders Keepers” products for all the bronzed South Beach local babes.

Miami Swim Week 2

After setting up our first Finders Keepers, giant yellow beach umbrellas (we didn’t time it but they all got snatched up in what seemed like less than 5 minutes) we went back to the hotel to hang and get ready for the fashion shows.

Miami Swim Week 3

Fast forward to the best night EVER, we got to catch so many amazing shows featuring the up and coming bikini lines from some of our favorite companies. However hot it may be, combo’d with the lights, and the music, and the people, Miami Beach is insanely beautiful this time of year. We went to bed tired and happy and anxiously awaited our pool party the next day.

Miami Swim Week 4

10 AM rolls around and to a chorus of “oh crap it’s beautiful outside” we all decide to get up, hit the beach, and do another Finders Keepers while we’re down there. The pool party started around 2:00, hosted by our friends at the Freehand Hotel (um coolest hotel ever by the way, highly recommends to anyone visiting South Beach). We blew up a bunch of our giant beach balls, grabbed some margaritas, and hooked up everyone at the pool with sunscreen. Seriously, this was a day for the books, such good vibes, great people, and perfect weather.

Miami Swim Week 5

Fast forward again to the next day, Sun Bum had a booth at the Cabana Show where the setup and decor makes you feel like you aren’t even at a trade show. We spent the next couple days hanging there and meeting even MORE amazing people.

Miami Swim Week 6

All in all, Swim Week is ALWAYS one of our favorite weeks of the year and this one did not disappoint. Thanks to everyone who helped make it the coolest weekend ever #youknowwhoyouare


August, 2017