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Some people have casual Fridays,
but this is how we do it.

Why a banana suit? Because a banana is protected, you know, covered from head to toe…just like we should be.
Episode #11 – Coast Highway

Boss: you guys are late...Us: but we got you a breakfast burrito

Episode #10 – Smooth Traveler

TSA Approved.

Episode #9 – Taco Stand

Exhale Negativity, Inhale Tacos.

Episode #8 Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow. #NamasteInBed

Episode #7 – Rookie Mistake

Rookie Mistake. 

Episode #6 – Halloween Office Party

Halloween Office Party. #JustHereForTheBoos

Episode #5 – Surf Break

Yep...even on our lunch breaks.  

Episode #4 – Morning Doo

A job is more than a paycheck. It’s a place where you can scroll your phone in the bathroom. 

Episode #3 – Gas Station

Morning Commute. If we could teleport we’d still be late. 

Episode #2 – Do Not Disturb 

Talking Logistics. Dress Code: YELLOW

Episode #1 – Making Copies 

Some people have casual Fridays, this is how we do it at Sun Bum.