The 2016 Sonny Awards

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Sonny Awards 2

Every year there is one award that is coveted by the world over and revered as an international symbol of success and notoriety. La creme de la creme. The Sonny Award, or ‘The Golden Ape’ as it’s often referred to, is two feet and 22 pounds of pure baller-status. It’s been rumored that Ryan Gosling threatened retirement after not even being nominated for a 2015 Sonny Award, allegedly stating, “If I only walk away with one award this year it better be that [expletive] golden ape.” Well Ryan, we couldn’t agree more, so without further adieu, the 2016 Sonny Awards (drumroll please) …

Surfer Of The Year: Isabella Nichols

Grom Of The Year – Boy: Dane Matson

Grom Of The Year – Girl: Quincy Symonds

Bum Of The Year: Nate Harrington

Photo Of The Year: Ron Holt

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Social Media Tagger Of The Year: Lizzie Le

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Stoke Of The Year: Cruz Dinofa

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East Coast Retailer Of The Year: Real Watersports

West Coast Retailer Of The Year: Dive N’ Surf

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Australia Retailer Of The Year: Aquatique

January, 2017