Can I use Sun Bum Hair Lightener on dark brown hair?

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Absolutely! Our Sun Bum Hair Lightener really brightens things up by giving us a beautiful sun-streaked, beach hair look using some of our favorite natural ingredients. Our hair lightener is formulated with ingredients that help amply the natural highlighting effect of the sun including:

  • Meyer Lemon
  • Costa Rican Pineapple
  • Topped off with a lil’ kick of hydrogen peroxide for faster guaranteed results

We’ve seen the best color results on our friends with lighter brown to blonde hair tones. But wondering what happens if you put it in brown hair? For dark brown hair, it will give you warmer hues…think amber, gold, and honey.  If you do decide to try it on dark hair, don’t get greedy, test it out first with 1-2 sprays and comb through before going in the sun. Just remember all results are permanent. 

Whether you are going for an all over light a bright look or some sun-kissed highlights, use these steps for the best results:

  1. Wash hair using shampoo and conditioner
  2. On desired area, spray dry or damp hair 
  3. Step into some sunshine
  4. Avoid breakage and over-drying by limiting use to no more than once between hair washes

Complete your new beach vibes by using our beachy hair styling products. Make the look last long by keeping your hair nourished with hydrating hair oils.


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