Respect Your Mother (Earth)

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Recycling Our Skin Care

When we first decided to create our skin care line it was super important to us to make products that we knew would not only be good for us, but would also be as kind as possible on our planet. So, we made it a priority to source the most sustainable materials we could.

  • FSC certified. All of our outer packaging and shipping material is made from 100% FSC certified (forest stewardship council) post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper—and is fully recyclable.  
  • We use PCR material. PCR is made from a bunch of commonly used plastics (often thrown out after one use), that are broken down and converted into a resin that’s used to make another round of packaging—in other words, it’s given another chance at life instead of ending up in our oceans (yay).
  • Less is more. You’ll also probably notice that the products are lighter than usual. That’s because in order to cut down on extra material, we only kept what we really needed to strongly secure the contents inside.

Here’s a little cheat sheet to help take some of the guesswork out of recycling some of our skin care products.

How to Recycle

While we designed these products to be recyclable, we still recommend checking with your local recycling unit to see what they will/won’t accept.

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